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With the CEREC method, our office can both design and manufacture your new dental crowns in just 1 visit!  This process allows our staff to construct, produce, and insert individual ceramic restorations chairside in a single appointment!  

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Dental issues can often lead to a weakened bite, allowing your jaw to work harder than it has to.  Take back your strong, natural bite with the help of dental crowns from Richmondville Family Dental Practice.

Strengthen Your Teeth

Dental crowns are a type of dental restoration that can restore your weakened bite by completely capping or encircling a large cavity or dental implant.  Not only do crowns help improve the strength of teeth, but they can also improve the appearance.  

Take Back Your Bite Today

Forget the days of waiting multiple hours during numerous appointments, Richmondville Family Dental Practice can create your customized dental crown in as little as 1 hour!  In other dental offices, this process can span over the course of multiple appointments with labside work in between.

Your Customized Crown Only Requires 1 Hour to Make

Create Your Crown in 1 Visit!

Close up of a implant model