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Whether you or your family needs a dental examination, x-ray, cleaning, crowns, dentures, whitening, or implants, the friendly team at Richmondville Family Dental Practice has the experience and state-of-the-art equipment to help with almost every dental condition!

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Following your first appointment, our friendly staff works with you to schedule a follow up appointment to fill cavities or perform extractions.

Convenient Scheduling

Whether you need a custom-made crown, dentures, whitening trays, whitening gels, or dental implants, Richmondville Family Dental Practice creates most of their dental tools and prosthetics in-house.

Filling All Your Dental Needs

When you make your first appointment with us, you can expect a dental examination, x-ray, and cleaning!  From there, our staff will analyze your teeth and determine how to improve your dental health between now and your next appointment.

Your First Appointment Includes a Dental Examination,

X-Ray, and Cleaning

Complete Dental Care for a Cleaner and Healthier Smile!