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With our in-house dental laboratory, we can create and repair your dentures all while you're still in our office!  Call to schedule an appointment today!

Feel at Ease in Richmondville Family Dental Practice. We Have Over 8 Years of Dental Experience!

New dentures are a fantastic way of improving the look of your smile.  Here at Richmond Family Dental Practice, we offer a range of modern dentistry and hygiene techniques.

Everything You Need

Losing teeth can cause you to lose confidence, as well as the efficiency of your teeth.  With dentures, you can feel better about your looks and your health!

Dentures Look Great

Whether you need a complete or partial pair of dentures, you can always rely on Richmond Family Dental Practices for a perfect fit.  After 8 years of dental services, we will make sure your dentures fit correctly and answer any of your questions.

Don't Put Off Getting Dentures Any Longer

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