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Is your son or daughter close to celebrating their first or second birthday?  If so, it's time to visit Richmondville Family Dental Practice for your child's very first dental exam.  Starting your child's dental care early helps educate and ensure a bright future and smile.

For Older Patients, Our First Appointments Include a Complete Dental Examination, X-Rays,

and Cleaning!

Your child's first dental appointment isn't just about them, it's about you, too!  The staff at Richmondville Family Dental Practice will inform you, as the parent, on what to do if your child's teeth aren't growing in straight!

Keeping Kids' Teeth Straight

Both bottle-fed and breast-fed babies are at risk of developing baby bottle tooth decay!  If you notice any signs of tooth decay, our office will work with you to help prevent future cavities!

Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

During your child's first appointment, your son or daughter will have a meet and greet with our friendly and fun staff.  Having a positive first experience provides a foundation for an anxiety-free future visit.

When it Comes to Kids, We're All About Comfort

Starting Early is the Secret to a Healthy Smile